Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Intense discussion on Linked In

By Lonny:
When Marsh mentioned the idea of a Perpetual Adoption Fund to me I immediately liked it and saw a great need for it. Although I haven't adopted children myself, I watched as many close friends and family members have adopted. It is a wonderful miracle for all of those involved and usually comes with great sacrifice. I wanted to help get this idea off the ground. Marsh has asked me to post on the blog so here it goes.

I posted the following comments on an LDS Professionals discussion group on Linked In:

"We are familiar with the miraculous affects of the Perpetual Immigration Fund and the Perpetual Education Fund. What about a Perpetual Adoption Fund? Young families that could and want to adopt can't.

Adoption is very expensive as my good friend Marsh is finding out. His idea was the PAF: http://www.perpetualadoption.blogspot.com/. Have any of you had experiences with financing adoption or know people that have overcome the financial hurdle to adoption?"

It has been interesting to see the comments flood in. Several people have shared their touching experiences of bringing these special spirits into their homes. Others have expressed support for the idea of  this fund. One person has been very negative in his comments stating that encouraging adoption especially international adoption is just burdening our society with more people that use government programs to fund their family.
How much does adoption cost the government (us taxpayers)? I will have to research this issue. In the meantime I love hearing the miraculous adoption stories. Please post yours as a comment here.


  1. God Bless you Lonny as you try and save even just one child. How blessed are we when we save more than one. With adoption and all it's many complexities, is daunting for the faint of heart. Those with empty arms and love for fellow man (child) will embrace your effort at a solution. I wish you direction from HF and the ears to hear how to proceed with the red tape and naysayers. In times of struggle remember this: "Do not tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is." translated: With God all things are possible. They are His children first, we are only stewards. -linda allison

  2. Lonny,

    I know of one Perpetual Adoption Fund already in existence here in Utah. See:


    It is administered through Wasatch International Adoptions in Utah. See:


    Hope this information helps this idea get off the ground. It is a wonderful idea.

    Linda Andrus

  3. But their fund is not a publicly accessable fund. It is only administered to those who use their agency.

  4. Hi I'm currently in the process of adopting from the Ukraine Wife and kids will be home by the end of Sept. We have some connections and insight to the process and the costs and maybe some ways to reduce some of the costs. I live in Nephi and would love two talk to you and learn of any associations you have that may be of help to our family of nine as we go forward with Ilia and Lydia. davidmosteller@live.com As noted above we are so blessed in this country.