Monday, September 12, 2011

Sponsoring a family from Laos

By Lonny:
Adoption is  a great way to help an individual to have a family. It is not always possible for families to make such a big commitment. One way to help other families is to sponsor refugees and help them to get on their feet.
I will always remember the surprise and excitement in our family when my father announced that we were going to have a refugee family from Laos. We were living in the lower level of our farm house and made room for their family in the bedroom next to my parents. We were packed in very tight but I don't remember too much about that. What I do remember is learning from these humble people and having fun playing with the children.
I remember when Pang the 12 year old boy shot a bird out of the tree with a wrist rocket and brought it in for his mother to prepare for dinner.
We were shocked as we butchered a pig and the father went and cleaned out the intestines saying in very broken English "Lao eat. Good".  We decided that we would take his word for it.
After several weeks we were able to secure a small home for them in town and a job for the father at a local factory. It was sobering for us to hear the stories from their country and appreciate more the freedoms and protections that we had here.
It was challenging for my family to have another family that didn't speak any English live with us but it was a wonderful experience that we will always think of with fondness.

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