Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snatched from Death

By Lonny:
In conjunction with my work in Ethiopia, I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people that are involved in helping Ethiopian orphans and abandoned children. I can happily report that these children are the lucky ones. They have all been adopted now and are doing well. There are many others that are not so fortunate.
In some areas of rural Ethiopia the villagers have many superstitions. If certain conditions are not met or criteria followed they feel that the child is a curse to the village. At this point they will blame anything bad that happens in the village on the child. The parents are required to take the child outside the village and leave it. It is felt that when the child leaves the village the curse will be lifted. Most of these superstitions focus around the conception and birth of the baby or its early toddler years. Up until recently these defenseless babies left outside the village are taken by hyenas. In some cases the child is thrown into the river for the crocodiles.

Several individuals and groups have come forward to rescue these children. The villages only require that the child "with the curse" leave the village. When there is a child that is identified as a "cursed" child the villagers can contact these groups and they will come rescue the child. How sad it is that these wicked traditions have developed. I salute these people that give of their time and resources to save these children. Their next challenge is to find a home for these wonderful little ones.

Our hope is that with the Perpetual Adoption Fund we can make it possible for more families that want children to have them even if they don't have the immediate cash to pay for them. It will also provide a way for those that may not be able to adopt themselves but have the financial resources to help to be involved in this miraculous work.

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